Application Procedure for Certificate of Entry (COE)

Application Procedure for Certificate of Entry (COE)

28 Sep 2020

Application Procedure for Certificate of Entry (COE)

**Updated 4 October 2021

Please apply for COE at lease 6 working days before departure date.

Please note that travel restrictions are subject to change on a short notice. As a traveller you are always responsible for ensuring that you fulfill the requirements of your destination and possible transit country. 

From 1 October 2021,

  • Quarantine period will be reduced from 14 to 7 days for fully-vaccinated travellers, and 10 days for unvaccinated/partially vaccinated travellers, subject to terms and conditions.
  • Those arriving in Thailand from 1 October 2021 who have been issued COEs under the old system (i.e. before 28 September 2021) may use their old COEs (no need to apply for new COEs); their quarantine period will be determined based on their vaccination documents upon entering Thailand.
  • Those who arrived in Thailand before 1 October 2021 and are still in quarantine are required to complete their quarantine for a total of 10 days (instead of 14 days).
  • All travellers are now eligible for Sandbox Programmes (Phuket & Samui) regardless of their country of origin.
  • Visa on Arrival Scheme has been resumed.
  • Tourst Visa Exemption period has been converted back to 30 days (from 45 days).


  • All non-Thai nationals from Austria, Slovakia and Slovenia are required to undergo quarantine for 7 or 10 days (depending on vaccination status) at either
    • Alternative Quarantine (AQ)
    • Organisational Quarantine (OQ)
    • Home quarantine is not permitted.
    • Travellers under Phuket Sandbox and Samui Plus Programmes
    • Children under 18 who have not received vaccines, but are travelling with their parents, may enter quarantine for the same period as their parents (e.g. if they parents are fully vaccinated; the unvaccinated children may enter quarantine for 7 days)


  • Travellers arriving in Bangkok can only stay at AQ in Bangkok and Metropolitan Area, Chonburi, Prachinburi & Nakhon Nayok.
  • Travellers arriving in Phuket can only stay at AQ in Phuket and Phang-Nga (transfer from Bangkok to Phuket/Pang-Nga is not possible)
  • Categories (3) and (9) travellers, i.e. diplomats and students, may choose to stay at OQ (if available).
  • Fully vaccinated travellers entering Thailand under the Phuket Sandbox and Samui Plus programmes do not need to undergo quarantine, subject to certain conditions


Apply for Certificate of Entry (COE) online. COE online application here:

Thailand's COE registration guideline for air travelers during COVID-19 pandemic :

Required documents of COE

Step 1:

1. Copy of valid passport

2. Health insurance in English with a minimum coverage of USD 100,000 for medical treatment expenses of COVID-19 during stay in Thailand. The health insurance scheme must indicate that it covers illness from COVID-19. The validity of insurance musts cover the whole period of sty in Thailand.

3. a copy of valid visa or a valid re-entry visa (if you do not have a valid visa, please submit visa application by post)

Please check information about visa here:

Step 2: Upload confirmation of AQ and ticket

- Booking confirmation of the Alternative Quarantine (AQ).

More information please check here

Booking may also be made via 

Booking made via other online agents without "AQ package" will be rejected. 




During flight check-in for departure

1. the applicant must present the airline officer the followings:

1.1  Certificate of Entry, issued by the COE online website.

1.2  The COVID-free Health Certificate (COVID -19 is not detected and the COVID test must be by RT-PCR method) issued no more than 72 hours before departure. 

**From 4 Febuary 2021, you can print out your electronic certificates that you received from the hospital or clinic to show to Department of Disease Control, Thailand.

Please note! not possible to show in digital form.

1.3  Health insurance with a minimum coverage of USD 100,000 for medical treatment expenses of COVID-19 during stay in Thailand.

1.4 Booking confirmation of the Alternative Quarantine (AQ)


2. Upon entry to Thailand, Traveler entering Thailand during the COVID-19 pandemic period must submit a T.8 form upon his/her arrival in the Kingdom of Thailand. (Download T.8 form here or register online through AOT phone application at )

3.  Please note that 14 days before traveling to Thailand, traveler shall avoid being in crowded area or the area which is risky to get infected by COVID-19.


REMARK: The visa application must be submitted by post not less than 3 weeks prior to the expected date of departure. The Royal Thai Embassy will ONLY consider a complete application and reserves the right to ask for further documentation. 

Please note that the Royal Thai Embassy shall not be liable or responsible in any manner whatsoever for any delay in processing or grant or rejection of the visa application of any applicant.