Special Tourist Visa (STV)

Special Tourist Visa (STV)

6 Oct 2020

Travelers with STV visa will be permitted to stay in Thailand for 90 days from the date you arrive Thailand. This permit may be extended while the visitor is in Thailand for a maximum of 2 times (twice only) with a maximum validity of 90 days for each extension. Validity of visa is 90 days. 

Step 1 : Required Documents for STV 

You can submit the visa application only by post (address: Royal Thai Embassy, Lönnrötinpuistikko 5A2, 00120 Helsinki). Please make sure that the application arrive the embassy at lease 3 weeks before intended date of departure).

1. An Original passport must be valid not less than 12 months of the day of your travel to Thailand, with one (1) copy
2. A completed visa application form (Download here)
3. A recent passport-sized photographs taken within the past 6 months
4. An origianl of medical certificate from licenced doctor; Please download the form here. The certificate must not be valid more than 3 months.
5. An origianl of certificate of criminal record clearance from country of permanent residence. The certificate must be valid not less than 3 months. More information, please check here : https://www.oikeusrekisterikeskus.fi/fi/index.html
6. A copy of valid medical/health insurance certificate from Thailand indicating that:
    6.1 cover at least 90 days (from your arrival date) or the whole period of stay in Thailand
    6.2 have medical benefit in Thailand for outpatient must not be less than 40,000 Baht
    6.3 have medical benefit in Thailand for inpatient must not be less than 400,000 Baht.
    6.4 cover all medical expenditures including COVID-19 at least USD 100,000
(Buy an insurance from a company which has been approved by the Office of Insurance Commission of Thailand, please click)
7. Accommodation reservation:
    7.1 In case the applicant or family member owns a condominium, please submit :

          7.1.1 A copy of Confirmation of applicant property ownership

          OR 7.1.2 a family member’s property ownership (spour and children), please submit an original + a copy of an recent extract from the population information system showing family relationship in Finland (Virkatodistus)/ Estonia in English issued from Notary Public(Maistraatti). 

8. the bank statement of the applicant showing the balance of 6000 euro every month for the last 6 months in English. The bank statement musts show account owner.

9. Consular officers reserve the rights to request for additional document as deemed necessary and also reserve the right to reject any application without having to provide reason.

10. Visa Fee: 80 € for a Single entry. After the Embassy approves your application, you will be contacted by email for a visa fee payment (bank transfer). 

11. Residents in Finland: please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope with sufficient postage for the return of passport. 
      Residents in Estonia: Return envelope fee is 19.50 euros. Please  also enclose a self-address envelope. (We do not accept international  coupon as exchange for postage.) More information for updated postal fee please check with www.posti.fi

Step 2 : If your STV visa approve, then you can apply for COE after you receive the visa.  Please click here!