Legalization of Work Contract

Legalization of Work Contract

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Legalization of Contract of employment

To prevent workers being tricked into working abroad without being paid according to the law. Employees shall have the contract approved by Royal Thai Embassy to receive permission to go out from the country.


1. An employer fills in Contract of employment (1 contract per 1 person) in English (Please download or employment contact for fruit and berry farming task (Download here)) and also Legalization Work Contract Form (Download here)

Appendix for Seasonal work in Finland (Download here)

Additional text in other term: "See details in Appendix."


Thai Travel measures for Seasonal Work in Finland

  1. In case of an unexpected armed conflict or strife, political crisis or natural disaster in Finland, which prevents Thai workers from performing their work in Finland under a safe environment, the Company or Employers must bear all expenses related to the safe evacuation and repatriation of Thai workers from Finland to Thailand.
  2. In case of the COVID-19 situation

        2.1 The Employers must provide health insurances for Thai workers, who travel to work in Finland, with no upper limit on its coverage of medical expenses in case of infecting the COVID-19 both domestically and internationally, which include quarantine period in Thailand.

        2.2 The Employers must be responsible for the Thai workers’ accommodation expenses regarding the Quarantine package upon their arrival in Thailand. The quarantine period as appeared in the Quarantine package has to be consonant with a current order of the Centre for the Administration of the Situation due to the Outbreak of the Communicable Disease Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19).

        2.3 The Employers are responsible for the cost of the COVID-19 testing for Thai workers as required by the current measures of Thai and Finnish authorities/agencies concerned.

         2.4 The Employers must be responsible for all expenses incurred while Thai workers are waiting to return to Thailand, including fees for changing flights.

Note: The Finnish Government’s measures to prevent and control the spread of COVID-19 can be seen on the Finnish authorities’ websites.


2. An employer sends Contract of employment(s) of all employees and Legalization work contract form to Royal Thai Embassy, Helsinki for prior approval by e-mail or post.

3. Royal Thai Embassy will inform you by e-mail or phone either approved or not.

4. For a case that Contract of employment(s) is/are approved, the employer can sign the contract(s) and have them notarized by the local Notary Public (Digi- ja väestötietovirasto/Maistraatti).

5.  The aforementioned notarized Employment Contract(s) must subsequently be certified by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs,Finland (Ulkoasiainministeriö)/ Estonia

Ulkoministeriön laillistuspalvelujen yhteystiedot (Suomi)

Asiakaspalvelu on avoinna ma–ke klo 9–12. Puhelinvaihde: 0295 350 000
Postiosoite: Ulkoministeriö , KPA-20/Laillistukset  PL 423


The consular department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Estonia)
Address: B division, Lauteri 2, Tallinn
Post address: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Consular Department, Islandi väljak 1, 15049 Tallin

6. The Employer submit/send the original certified Contract of employment(s) together with the original Legalization Work Contract Form to the Royal Thai Embassy, Helsinki for the final process. 

   Address: Royal Thai Embassy, Lönnrotin Puistikko 5 A 2, 00120 Helsinki

     7. The Employer sends the certified Contract of employment(s) to the Employee in Thailand. After that the employee brings the work contract and report to Thailand Overseas Employment Administration ( or local labour department in her/her province in order to receive permission to go out from the country. 


Importance notice

1. If you sent the application by post, please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope with sufficient postage for the return documents. 

   2. Process of checking and considering Contract of employment(s)  and other related documents takes approximately 1-2  weeks or longer, therefore the Employee/Employer should not buy the flight ticket yet.

3.  The Contract of employment(s) can be submitted no earlier than three months before the working starts. 

Working Hours:

Only by appointment.


For further inquires please contact the Embassy by phone  +358 50 387 6207 

from Mon-Fri during 13.30-16.00 hrs.