Visa service

Announcements concerning visa services:

  1. All applications must be completed online at

Walk-in visa applications are no longer possible. After the e-Visa application has been approved, a confirmed e-mail with E-Visa will be sent to applicants. Please print out the E-visa to present to the airline and Thai immigration officials when traveling to Thailand.

  1. E-visa user manual in English :

Video User Manual (English)  : Guide to Thailand E-Visa Application

  1. You are recommended to apply for a visa at least 4-8 weeksbefore the travel date. DO NOT submit your application more than 3 months before your departure date.
  2. The applicants must provide genuine documents and information. If the applicants are found to provide false documents or give false information, their applications will be rejected and be reported for further determination of appropriate action and future prohibition to enter the Kingdom of Thailand. 
  3. How to apply
  • Please check the visa requirements from Royal Thai Embassy Helsinki's website. Then go to the website
  • Please note! The Royal Thai Embassy Helsinki will process visa when an applicant is physically in Finland/Estonia.
  • Create an account (can submit up to 10 applications per account). Log in using your account and upload all required documents.
  • Submit an application online and pay the visa fees online through the secure portal.
  • After the Embassy receives your documents, the processing time is 7 working days (in case of completed documents). The processing time can take longer in certain cases.
  • Applicants will receive an e-mail approval once the visa is granted.


  • When applying, please exercise extra caution in choosing the right TYPE OF PASSPORT. If you are not a government officer, DO NOT choose "Official/Service Passport"; instead, choose "Ordinary Passport". 
  • Once submitted and paid, the visa application cannot be amended.
  • Please double check all information before submitting, especially if your device is using auto fill or auto correct. If there are mistakes in the application, e.g. wrong spelling of names or wrong passport numbers, the application will be rejected since the Embassy is not able to edit personal information in visa applications. Applicants are required to apply and pay again. Visa fee is non-refundable. 
  • Additional service fees for online payment may be charged by your debit/credit card providers.  Please contact your card providers for more information. The Royal Thai Embassy assumes no liability for additional fees incurred by the applicants for their online payment. 
  • As per the regulations, the Embassy cannot issue a visa for foreign nationals who are currently in Thailand. All travellers need to obtain a visa (if needed) before entering Thailand. If you enter Thailand without visa, please contact the Immigration Bureau ( to explore the options in your cases.
  • The Royal Thai Embassy, Helsinki, reserves the right to request additional documents / interview in person at the Royal Thai Embassy, Helsinki, and amend visa categories as deemed necessary as well as reject any application without prejudice.

Visa enquiry can be submitted by e-mail at   [email protected]

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