Non-Immigrant Visa

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A Non-immigrant visa is a visa issue to a person under the conditions of applying for a temporary stay in the Kingdom as follows:


6 Sep 2021

Guidelines for Issuing Non-immigrant Visa Category “M” (Media Visa) and Official Visa Category “F”

3 Mar 2021

NON-IMMIGRANT VISA “O” (Volunteer work)

12 Jan 2021

Non-Immigrant Visa Type "O" (Retirement Visa for applicants aged 50 years and over)

28 Dec 2020

NON-IMMIGRANT VISA "B" (Business meeting)

12 Oct 2020

Non-Immigrant Visa Type"R" (Religious purposes)

10 Sep 2020

Non-Immigrant Visa “O-X” (Long Stay)

10 Sep 2020

NON-IMMIGRANT VISA "O" (Visiting Thai spouse/ family)

17 Sep 2019

Non-Immigrant Visa Type "ED" (Internship)

17 Sep 2019